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Carteira de identidade
Roseana Murray. Illustrations by Elvira Vigna. Lê. 46p.
ISBN 9788532907271
In Carteira de identidade (Identity Card), poet Roseana
Murray created poems that speak of life, feelings, creation,
poetry – they speak of our identity. In free verse, the poems
are characterized by melodious sound, play in words, and very
light lyricism.
Black and white illustrations record subtly outlined fragments
here and impressions there. They are drawings that suggest,
that impress a feeling, a sensation… Poetry

Vento distante
Roseana Murray. Illustrations by Martha Werneck. Escrita Fina.
83p. ISBN 9788563877062
A collection of 12 tales told in an atmosphere of fear and terror.
Encounters, farewells, reunions, old age, memoirs, and mystery
are all present in these stories. Time-honored award-winning
poet Roseana Murray shares her prose for the delight of readers.
In between the lines, we notice traces of her poetry: condensed
ideas and lightness in the narrative. Black and white illustrations
inaugurate every tale and introduce an atmosphere of mystery and
suspense. (NP)


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